Weekly Meetings

Club Speakers

Every other week the Real Estate Club will host guest speakers from all over the country involved in different facets of the real estate industry. Speakers will discuss topics including brokerage, asset management, advisory & consulting, private equity,capital markets, and more. Speaking events will take the form of panels, case studies, and analyst presentations. Speakers will be available to network after each session. If you have any questions about or requests for specific guest speakers please email iureclub@gmail.com.


Guest speaker panels will consist of groups of 4-6 professionals from a specific industry of real estate who will answer frequently asked questions about real estate and their specific roles. Panels often include commercial brokers, developers, and private equity analysts. These meetings will be moderated by the Real Estate Executive team and club members will have an opportunity to ask questions afterwards.

Professional Development

It is essential to understand all aspects of professionalism before stepping into the real world. Throughout the year, Real Estate Club will host several resume workshops to provide individualized help to students who are in all stages of the resume writing process.  Etiquette regarding emails, networking calls, and interviews will also be discussed. Ultimately, professional development fosters growth and confidence which Real Estate Club hopes will benefit members in various ways.

Case Competitions

During the fall semester, the club will host a case competition to expand members’ knowledge about various real estate topics and give a glimpse into dilemmas real estate professionals face in the real world. The competition will be judged by the executive board and real estate professionals from Indianapolis. Get ready to put in your best work as the top three teams will win cash prizes!

For the first time, the club plans to include a second case competition. This case will be very similar to the first case but challenge students in new capacities, focusing more on modeling analysis, and unique presentations.